St. Mary's Education Fund

Our Mission
The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Fall River endeavor to offer a quality value-oriented education to the children of southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Islands, without regard to race, creed, nationality or gender.

Since the opening of the first school it has been the desire of the Diocese to make these schools accessible to all families who wish to provide a Catholic education for their children. It was to this end that in 1991 the Diocese of Fall River established the St. Mary's Education Fund. The Fund, a separately incorporated entity, provides "need based" scholarships enabling students to attend the Catholic Schools of the Diocese. All scholarships are awarded without regard to race, creed, nationality or gender.

The Diocese of Fall River, through the St. Mary's Education Fund, is attempting to meet the challenges of serving more culturally and economically diverse populations, while addressing the sustained increase in the demand for financial assistance for needy children striving to attend our schools. This increasing demand is reflected in the more than tripling of applicants for "need based" scholarships in the past eleven years: from 333 in 1998 to over 1100 in 2012.

All funds are used to assist needy children presently attending, or who desire to attend, one of the Catholic schools sponsored by the Diocese. The goal of the St. Mary's Education Fund and its board of directors is to be able to assure that no child is denied the opportunity of attending one of the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Fall River due to financial hardship.